Dubit is the producing and performing Alias of the Italian experimental-electronic composer Pier Alfeo. Alfeo was born in Molfetta, Italy (1985) and he starts his approach on sound after his first lesson of Sound Acoustic in middle school, which definitely sign his life and destiny in sound frequencies field.

He considers this vote as an inevitable path of his life adventure, discovering and inquiring the world and his own essence, the interaction between human being and nature (cosmos).

Considering music and sound an universal way of communication he relate on that his way of express himself by simply feel the surrounding, filtering it and give it back to nature.

He has awareness of what the real contemporary world represent, his intent is to avoid the conditioning and the activity of our shallow thinking, so, to create an alternative self-model life, transferring (communicating) it to the world and its inhabitants, always questioning himself and his environment.

From 2007 to 2009 was the time for him to attend studies at the EMIT Feltrinelli, Sound Engineer School in Milan, Italy were he master Sound Design, Music theory and Recordings technique. 

In 2010 he realize a composition and a live performance for the exhibition of [UNUSUAL] by Matteo Farolfi, wearing a minotaur mask and improvising while the Art Gallery was open to public visit. 

The 2011 is the year when the first collaboration Audio/Video with Davide DiFranco starts (Didif), it took place in Bologna, Italy at the Homework Festival 09 with the performance [Water Circle]. 

After this project he moved in Berlin, Germany where his skills and experiences definitely growth, in fact here he founded his project studio Soluxion Lab, treating Mastering Service, Mix-down, Field Recordings for Sound Design and any kind of creative sound projects.


In 2014 he performed together with Simone Longo an interactive A/V performance in the metro station of the Berliner Underground (Moritz Platz), FRAGMENTI (Micro) an exploration process of a daily system, a reflexion on the periodicity of humane stablished phenomena, a sonorous description of a person's existence. Recorded by a webcam, the user becomes full part of the live set; he moves in the space and changes sound processing parameters, so beginning an aleatoric music composition.


Between 2014 and 2015 Dubit created together with Didif, BALANCED A/V, performed in chronological order at Flussi Festival (Avellino, Italy), NODE15 (Frankfurt, Germany) and Live Cinema Festival (Rome, Italy).


Alfeo 's complete work appears in 2015 with a collaboration with the unknown artist Whomademylastpoetry for the BALANCED Concept Album on the Concrete Records (Rome) and after some months the project explodes in the FRAGMENTI LP released on Several Reasons Recordings, absolutely a creative and intense year. 


Towards the middle of 2015, he returns near Bari where he starts composing his new record “Vitriol” and in 2016 he begins his course in Electroacoustic Composition, Multimedia and Music Computer Programming at the Electronic Music School in the Bari Conservatory. During his studies, he continues his experimentation by designing Sound Art Installations, studying and interpreting Acusmatic Music at Acusmonium in the “Space Silence” in Bari and creating Electroacoustic pieces through algorithmic compositing techniques.

What represent Dubit and his work is absolutely the maniacal field recordings techniques, in fact, capture and preserve the sound that surround us in time is what he wants to valorize, maybe a melancholic relation with what is our existence and its sound, its voice through the Earth's atmosphere. A continuous research in the infinite.


Photos by - Annamaria La Mastra

Even if i don't know you, i love you, in your deepest essence.